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changing mentality, adjusting structure, maintaining growth, and promoting development


Founded in 1958, Xinhua Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine is the first general hospital designed and established by Shanghai people themselves after the founding of New China. With more than 50 year’s efforts of all Xin Hua staff to make it prosperous, the hospital has become a class A grade 3 hospital with a complete installation of pediatric and adult disciplines. Xinhua Hospital has won the titles of “National Advanced Collectivity”, “National Advanced Unit in Health System”, “National Advanced Unit in Hospital Cultural Construction” and “Shanghai Civilized Unit” and other honorary titles.


Explore a carrier for Party building and authentically build up a service-oriented Party organization


The hospital Party Committee plays the role of political core, seriously implements the "two responsibilities", pays attention to the construction of leading body, adheres to "do the Party building well around the center to promote the development of the Party". The hospital Party Committee has a total number of 7 general Party branches, 48 Party branches with 1472 Party members including 999 working staff members,   171 student Party members and 302 retired Party members.

The hospital Party Committee focuses on the expansion of the Party building carrier based on the four big "brand culture" to exert the roles of the power of cultural cohesion and value orientation to lead the direction in the construction of an atmosphere of the commitment to learning, learning from the advanced, advocating to be the advanced. It focuses on the promotion of the innovation in cadre management, strengthen the implementation capacity of the executive departments. It currently has 19 administrative departments.

According to the requirement of the construction of the service-oriented grassroots Party organizations, the Hospital Party Committee explore the building of the Party Committee, general Party branches and Party branches into a "three-in-one" management mode, refines and quantifies branch management mechanism and has started to use "the Party Branch Work Manual” through the whole hospital. Every year, under the guidance of the Party secretary, it sets up a special project group to explore and study the new piloted medical reform and the construction of grass-roots Party organization under the situation of the deepening reform in public hospitals.


Play the advantages of the disciplines and enhance the connotation of medical services


The hospital has 58 clinical and technical departments including Department of Cardiology and Department of Pediatrics and actual number of full - time staff of 3462 by the end of 2015, more than 2000 designated medical beds. Year in year, the hospital has been at the top rank of the total number of outpatient and emergency visits, which respectively reached 3.67 million in 2012, 3.88 million in 2013, 4.13 million in 2014, 4.17 million in 2015.

The hospital boasts 10 national key clinical construction specialties including Clinical Laboratory, Clinical Pharmacy, Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Pediatric Respiratory of Pediatrics, General Surgery, Department of Dermatology, Pediatric Traditional Chinese Medicine, Pediatric Surgery and Emergency Medicine, and Children’s Stone Diagnostic and Treatment of National Health and Family Planning Commission, Shanghai Clinical Center for Pediatric Surgery, Shanghai Critical Maternal and Newborn Consulting and Rescue Center, Shanghai Prenatal Rescue Center, Shanghai Diagnosis and Treatment Center for Hearing Disorders, Shanghai Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment Center for Neonatal Congenital Heart Disease and 8 diagnosis and treatment centers of Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Develop simultaneously science and education and build up the platform for the cultivation of talents


The hospital has MOE and Shanghai Key  Laboratory for Children’s Environment and Health, Shanghai Key Laboratory for Pediatric Digestion and Nutrition and Shanghai Institute for Pediatric Research, and a total number of 11 national and Shanghai key disciplines or research bases.

Since 2012, the hospital has won 1 National Science & Technology Progress Awards and 16 Science & Technology Progress Awards at provincial/ministerial level obtained 631 research programs at different and levels and published SCI article 854 as well.

Xinhua School of Clinical Medicine accommodates Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine’s four medical education departments including the Faculty of Clinical Nutrition, Department of Pediatrics, Department of Otorhinolaryngology with 75 tutors for the training of doctor degree students, 137 tutors for the training of master degree students. Edited by the hospital, the “Journal of Clinical Pediatrics” and the “Journal of Biology Education” have been included by several international retrieval databases.


Perfect the infrastructure and better the experience of patients


The hospital has an area of 109 mu with a building acreage of 192,000 square meters. The hospital offers a beautiful and comfortable environment to patients with such first class medical facilities as emergency building, outpatient and internal medicine building, surgical building, healthcare building, pediatric surgical building, Gynecology/Obstetrics, stomatology and dermatology building, and medical technology building.

Patients are provided with high quality services by various advanced medical equipment, including Tomo, PET-CT, DSCT (Dual source CT), SPECT, LA, DSA, MRI, integrated intervention system of laser ultrasound, argon helium cryogenic operation system, mobile magnetic resonance imaging system in operation, high-pressure (low pressure) oxygen therapy chamber and excimer laser, which ensue the high quality of diagnosis and treatment.


Implement counterpart support and enhance the impact of brand radiation


In accordance with the "5+3+1" project to newly establish three grade three hospitals in the outskirts of the Shanghai, the hospital takes full responsibility for upgrading Chongming Hospital to tertiary level and sends a strong lineup of experts to Chongming branch.  Chongming Hospital successfully passed tertiary level review and became the only pilot hospital in Shanghai for standardized diagnosis and treatment of tumors.

Chongming Branch has led the efforts to establish of “Xinhua and  Chongming Medical Association " to share the resources by 24 public hospitals the island. Xinhua Hospital also won the title of the advanced collective of the national program to “bring culture, scientific technology and offer medical service to rural area.

Entrusted by Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and Shanghai Municipal Government, the hospital took the responsibility for overall coordination of “Key Discipline Construction Project of Kashi No. 2 Hospital” and building of medical center in South Xinjiang. Supported by the medical teams sent by our hospital, Kashi No. 2 Hospital passed the final evaluation performed the autonomous region authorities as the Class A Grade 3 Hospital in 2015. The hospital was granted the honorary title of “National Group for Counterpart Support Work between Urban and Rural Hospitals”.


Expand cooperation and exchanges and form the joint efforts for sustainable development


The hospital, taking the brands as the dependence and dominant discipline as the link, has formed “Xinhua Hospital Alliance” with 12 medical institutions from the Pan Yangtze River Delta region covering three provinces of Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Yunnan. A cooperative system will be built in the alliance in the fields of personnel, technology, scientific research, teaching, management and culture.

The hospital has established friendly collaborative and academic exchange programs with more than 20 overseas hospitals and institutions, including US Harvard Medical College, University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine, McMaster University, University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine, Assistance Publique - Hopitaux De Paris and dozens of its affiliated hospitals in France, etc.


Xinhua Hospital has put forward a new twelve character principle of "enhance the connotation, implement the actual effect, create the features and promote the development” in its "13th Five-Year" plan to move with the new era, start a new voyage towards the targets to build Xinhua into regional medical center, which is based in Shanghai, radiates throughout the country and has a certain influence, at the Pan Yangtze River Delta.



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